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MICa 8011

Current Topics in Immunology
Course Syllabus

Spring Semester 2018
1:30-2:45 Tu,Th

Course Director: Mike Farrar

January 17; class overview, initial topic assignments - Mike Farrar
January 19; confirm topic assignments, Writing speciffic aims - Mike Farrar

January 24,26
Topic 1:  What can imaging T cells teach us about immunity:   Brian Fife

January 31, February 2
Topic 2:  What controls NRLP3 inflammasome activation?: Erik Peterson

February 7,9
Speciic aims review - Mike Farrar

February 14,16
Topic 3:  Innate immunity - Kris Hogquist

February 21,23
Topic 4:  B cell development - Lynn Heltemes-Harris

February 28, March 2
Topic 5:  Memory and Memory-like NK cells - Sara Hamilton

March 7,9
Topic 6: Macrophage polarization and immunity - Bryce Binstadt

March 14, 16 - SPRING BREAK

March 21, 23
Topic 7:  Treg development and function - Mike Farrar

March 28, 30
Topic 8:  T cell tolerance - Vaiva Vezys

April 4,6
Topic 9:  Cancer immunotherapy - Brandon Burbach

April 10 - Revised specific aims due by email

April 11, 13
Topic 10:  T cell memory and immunosurveillance - Dave Masopust

April 18, 20
Topic 11:  Diffusion barriers as regulators of phagocytosis and signaling - Tanya Freedman

April 25, 27
Topic 12:  Metabolism and immunity - Steve Jameson

May 2, 4

1)   Oral presentation of a selected topic
Skills: literature review, articulation of major paradigms and controversies of the field, brief summation of key experiments, critical evaluation of experimental approaches, use of graphical aids in oral presentations
2 x 40 points for introduction/summary

2) Write a 1 page manuscript "peer" review        
Skills: to be able to place an experiment in the context of the field, concise summation, identification of strengths & weaknesses, constructive suggestion
2 x 5 points

3)  Write a 1 page specific aims section of a grant proposal
Skills:  identification of unanswered questions in the field, articulation of specific aims, development of testable hypotheses, understanding of grant review processes
20 points

4)   Write a 1-2 paragraph F1000 review of one of the articles we covered in class.
Skills: brief summation of key experiments, critical evaluation of a work and being able to place in the context of the field, scientific writing
10 points