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Current Students

Oscar Salgado Barrero

Thesis Advisor: Kris Hogquist

Year entered: 2015

Degrees received:
B.Sc., Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, D.C., Columbia


Thymocytes undergo a complex maturation process after being positively selected. These maturation changes include the competence to proliferate, emigrate and secrete cytokines. Recently, the involvement of tonic IFN signaling during these late stages was described; however, the functional consequences of the exposure to tonic IFN during T cell development are relatively unknown. Therefore, we are interested in evaluating the effect of tonic IFN in homeostasis, T cell responses and T cell differentiation. Moreover, we aim to elucidate the mechanisms behind this IFN conditioning in the thymus, which comprises the identification of the cells secreting IFN and the stimulus that triggers this secretion. We expect these analyses will expand our understanding of T cell maturation during late stages.