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Current Students

Emily Thompson

Thesis Advisor: Vaiva Vezys

Year entered: 2011

Degrees received:
B.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 2009

Honors and Awards:

  • MICaB Travel Award ( Fall 2014)
  • AAI Trainee Abstract Award (2014)
  • MICaB golden pipetteman award (2014)
  • Immunology Training Grant (2014-2016)
  • Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2016-2017)

Thesis research:
The primary goal of my thesis work is to identify what characterizes and contributes to an endogenous, self-specific CD8 T cell response.  While central and peripheral tolerance mechanisms are very effective, they are not complete, and self-specific cells do escape these mechanisms and can go on to cause disease.  Understanding how tolerance is reversed has implications for not only dampening an autoimmune response but also potentiating a response against tumor cells expressing self-antigen.  We have shown that self-specific cells can be expanded using a method of repeat antigen stimulation and that the self-specific population matures over the course of tolerance reversal.  My project works to understand if and how this maturation is taking place and how self-specific cells survey and migrate in the tissue where self-antigen is present.  Upon completion of these studies we expect to determine novel mechanisms of CD8 T cell tolerance reversal that can be exploited to develop more targeted therapies for autoimmune disease and cancer.


  • Emily A. Thompson, Lalit K. Beura, Christine E. Nelson, Kristin G. Anderson, Vaiva Vezys. Shortened intervals during heterologous boosting preserve memory CD8 T cell function but compromise longevity. Journal of Immunology (2016) 196(7):3054-63.
  • Beura, Lalit K., Hamilton, Sara E., Bi, Kevin, Schenkel, Jason M., Odumade, Oludare A., Casey, Kerry A., Thompson, Emily A., Fraser, Kathryn A., Rosato, Pam, Filali-Mouhim, Ali, Sekaly, Rafick P., Jenkins, Marc K., Vezys, Vaiva, Haining, W. Nicholas, Jameson, Stephen C., Masopust, David. Normalizing the environment recapitulates adult human immune traits in laboratory mice. Nature (2016) 532(7600):512-6.
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