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Current Students

Jessica Kotov

Thesis Advisor: Marc Jenkins

Year entered: 2013

Degrees received:
B.S., University of California, San Diego, CA, 2011

Honors and Awards:

  • Immunology training grant, 2015-2017
  • The Elkes Foundation Scholarship to attend Keystone Symposia: B cells at the Intersection of Innate and Adaptive Immunity (E3), Stockholm, Sweden

My project will be studying CD4 T cell help to B cells. This involves better understanding what B cell help functions each CD4 T cell subset provides. More specifically, we will determine how each subset influences germinal center/memory B cell formation and isotype switching. While many of these questions have been answered, previous work heavily relied on in vitro data or the use of transgenic systems. We would like to reanswer these basic CD4 T cell biology questions in vivo using an antigen-specific endogenously derived polyclonal system.


  • Yang, J.A., N.J. Tubo, M.D. Gearhart, V.J. Bardwell and M.K. Jenkins. 2015. Cutting Edge: Bcl6-Interacting Corepressor Contributes to Germinal Center T Follicular Helper Cell Formation and B Cell Helper Function. J Immunol. 194:5604-5608.