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Committee Members

Geoff Hart, Ph.D.
Tim Starr, Ph.D.

Tijana Martinov
Ashley Mooneyham
Sarah Namugenyi
Josh Thiede
Dylan White

Mission Statement

The mission of the MICaB Committee for Graduate Career Development is to promote education, opportunity, inclusion, and excellence surrounding the exploration of available career paths. Key elements of our mission include promoting open and candid discussions of career path options, providing a realistic rationale for choosing a given path that considers both the professional and personal needs of each student, and providing mentorship, resources, and guidance that will equip our students with the best tools to succeed within a given career path choice. Recognizing that career development is influenced by professional interests and opportunity as well as life-style and life-stage considerations, our goal is to assist our students in making the “next-steps” upon completion of our program as new PhDs.


Events Spring 2008/Fall 2008 and MICaB Student Survey May 2008 (PDF)

Events February 2011/July 2011

Events Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

Events Fall 2012

Events January 2013-December 2013

Events February 2014 - June 2015

Events November 2015-December 2016

Events Fall 2017

Links to Useful Information:

General Information for Graduate Students

General Career Information

General Information for Mentors





"A career is not a point in the space you have to get to, it is a journey, and you are allowed to change directions".

Dwight Nelson, Ph.D.