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Jake V. Bailey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
McKnight Land-Grant Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

University of Southern California, Ph.D.

612-624-1603 office
612-624-1603 lab

Research Interests:

Microbe-mineral interactions

My group's primary interest is to better understand the co-evolution of the biosphere and geosphere. In practice, we study bacteria in the field and in the lab - through enrichment culturing, physiology studies, chemical characterization, and molecular methods such as genomics and transcriptomics. We also study current and ancient geological phenomena that may have been mediated by microbial life. By combining these different approaches, we seek to understand those phenomena that occur at the interface between biology and geology - whether in the modern biosphere or in deep time.  

Lab website:

Selected Recent Publications:

• Salman, V., Bailey, J.V., Teske, A .2013. Phylogenetic and morphologic complexity of giant sulphur bacteria. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek v.104, p.169-86.

• Bailey, J.V., Corsetti, F.A., Greene, S.E., Crosby, C.H.*, Liu, P., Orphan,V.J. 2013. Filamentous sulfur bacteria preserved in modern and ancient phosphatic sediments: implications for the role of oxygen and bacteria in phosphogenesis. Geobiology v. 11, p. 397-405.

• Crosby, C.H.*, Bailey, J.V. 2012. The role of microbes in the formation of modern and ancient phosphatic mineral deposits, Frontiers in Aquatic Microbiology. v. 3, p. 3-9:241.

• Cunningham, J. A., Thomas, C.-W., Bengtson, S., Marone, F., Stampanoni, M., Turner, F. R., Bailey, J. V., Raff, R. A., Raff, E. C., Donoghue, P. C. J. 2012. Experimental taphonomy of giant sulphur bacteria: implications for the interpretation of the embryo-like Ediacaran Doushantuo fossils. Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences, 2012, v. 279, 1857-1864.

Bailey, J.V., Salman, V., Rouse, G.W., Schulz-Vogt, H.N., Levin, L.A., Orphan, V.J. 2011. ,Dimorphism in methane seep-dwelling ecotypes of the largest known bacteria. ISME Journal, v. 5, p. 1926-1935.

• Salman, V., Amann, R., Girnth, A-C., Polerecky, L., Bailey, J.V., Høgslund, S., Jessen, G., Pantoja, S., and Schulz-Vogt, H. 2011. A single-cell sequencing approach to the classification of large, vacuolated sulfide-oxidizing bacteria. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, v. 34, p. 243-259.