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Alon Hershhorn
Alon Hershhorn

Assistant Professor,
Department of Medicine
Tel Aviv University, Isreal, Ph.D. 2009

Campus Mail Address:MRF 2821A 

Office Phone:612-301-2429
Office Address: 2-101 MRF
Lab Phone:

Research Interests:

Mechanisms underlying virus-host interactions

My lab is working on exciting directions to understand and target HIV-1 host interactions at the molecular and cellular levels. Our research is focused on 1) investigating the molecular mechanisms of virus entry and the interactions of the viral envelope glycoproteins with neutralizing antibodies; and 2) studying the host response to viral infection with a specific interest in understanding the cellular processes that contribute to the fate of infection. We use interdisciplinary approaches at the interface of synthetic and molecular virology, immunology and cell biology to gain new insights into complex biological processes with the aim of translating these insights into novel therapies and vaccines to treat and prevent viral infections. 

Selected Recent Publications:

  •  Herschhorn, A.*, Gu, C., Moraca, F., Ma, X., Farrell, M. Smith, A.B., Pancera, M., Kwong, P.D., Schön, A., Freire, E., Abrams C., Blanchard, S.C., Mothes, W. & Sodroski, J.G.* The β20-β21 of gp120 is a regulatory switch of HIV-1 Env conformational transitions. Nat. Commun. 8, 1049 (2017).
    *Co-corresponding author
  • Pancera, M., Lai, Y-T. Bylund, T., Druz, A., Narpala, S., O’Dell, S., Schön, A., Bailer, R.T., Chuang, G-W., Geng, H., Louder, M.K., Rawi, R., Soumana, D.I., Finzi, A., Herschhorn, A., Madani, N., Sodroski, J., Freire, E., Langley, D.R., Mascola, J.R., McDermott, A. & Kwong, P.D. Crystal structures of HIV-1 Env with small molecule-entry inhibitors BMS-378806 and BMS-626529. Nat. Chem. Biol. 13, 1115-1122 (2017). 
  • Herschhorn, A., Gu, C., Espy, N., Richard, J., Finzi, A. & Sodroski, J.G.  A broad HIV-1 inhibitor blocks envelope glycoprotein transitions critical for entry.  Nat. Chem. Biol. 10, 845-852 (2014).
  • Highlighted by Ward, A. Small-molecule inhibitors: Viral fusion arrested.  Nat. Chem. Biol. 10, 797–798 (2014)
  • Highlighted in Nature SciBX 7, 37 (2014); doi:10.1038/scibx.2014.1101
  • The inhibitor was selected by Nature Chemical Biology as a chemical probe