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Michael Kyba
Michael Kyba, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Lillehei Endowed Scholar

Carrie Ramey/CCRF Endowed Professor in Pediatric Cancer Research

Department of Pediatrics and Lillehei Heart Institute

University of British Columbia, 1998, Ph.D.

612-626-5869 office
612-625-2173 lab

Research Interests:

Stem Cell Biology

Our long-term goal is to understand the pathways that control self-renewal vs differentiation of stem cells and to use this knowledge to understand degenerative diseases and to design and improve cell therapies. Our work is interdisciplinary, spanning iPS cell-based and animal models involving transplantation and tracking of somatic stem cells, vector development, CRISPR and TALEN-mediated genome editing, and cell-based screening and medicinal chemistry.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Chan SS, Shi X, Toyama A, Arpke RW, Dandapat A, Iacovino M, Kang JJ, Le G, Hagen HR, Garry DJ, Kyba M. (2013) Mesp1 patterns mesoderm into cardiac, hematopoietic, or skeletal myogenic progenitors in a context-dependent manner. Cell Stem Cell 12:587-601.
  • Hartweck LM, Anderson LJ, Lemmers RJ, Dandapat A, Toso EA, Dalton JC, Tawil R, Day JW, van der Maarel SM, Kyba M (2013) “A focal domain of extreme demethylation within D4Z4 in FSHD2” Neurology¬† 80:392-299.
  • Arpke RW, Darabi R, Mader TL, Zhang Y, Toyama A, Lonetree C, Nash N, Lowe DA, Rita C.R. Perlingeiro, Kyba M (2013) A new immuno- dystrophin-deficient model, the NSG-mdx4Cv mouse, provides evidence for functional improvement following allogeneic satellite cell transplantation. Stem Cells 31:1611-1620.
  • Dandapat A, Hartweck L, Kyba M. (2013) “Expression of the human FSHD-linked DUX4 gene induces neurogenesis in pluripotent cells.” Stem Cells and Development 22:2440-2448.
  • Antonica F, DF Kasprzyk, R Opitz, Iacovino M, Liao XH, Dumitrescu AM, Refetoff S, Peremans K, Manto M, Kyba M, Costagliola S (2012) “Generation of functional thyroid from embryonic stem cells.” Nature 491:66-71.
  • Darabi R, Arpke RW, Irion S, Dimos JT, Grskovic M,¬†Kyba M, Perlingeiro RC. (2012) “Human ES- and iPS-Derived Myogenic Progenitors Restore DYSTROPHIN and Improve Contractility upon Transplantation in Dystrophic Mice”. Cell Stem Cell 10:610-619.
  • Iacovino M, Chong D, Szatmari I, Hartweck L, Rux D, Caprioli A, Cleaver O, Kyba M. (2011) “HoxA3 is an apical regulator of hemogenic endothelium” Nat. Cell. Biol. 13:72-78.
  • Iacovino M, Bosnakovski D, Fey H, Rux D, Bajwa G, Mahen E, Mitanoska EA, Zu Z, Kyba M. (2011) “Inducible cassette exchange: a rapid and efficient system enabling conditional gene expression in embryonic stem and primary cells” Stem Cells 29:1580-1588.
  • Bosnakovski  D, Xu Z, Gang EJ, Galindo CL, Liu M, Simsek T, Garner HR, Agha-Mohammadi S, Tassin A, Frédérique Coppée, Belayew A, Perlingeiro RCR, Kyba M. 2008. An isogenetic myoblast screen identifies DUX4-mediated FSHD-associated molecular pathologies. EMBO J. 27:2766-2779.
  • Tang W, Zeve D, Suh J, Bosnakovski D, Kyba M, Hammer RE, Tallquist MD, Graff JM. 2008. White fat progenitor cells reside in the Adipose Vasculature. Science 322:583-536.
  • Darabi R, Gelbach K, Bachoo RM, Kamath S, Osawa M, Kamm KE, Kyba M, Perlingeiro RCR. 2008. Functional skeletal muscle regeneration from differentiating embryonic stem cells. Nature Medicine 14:134-143.
  • Bosnakovski  D, Xu Z, Li W, Thet S, Cleaver O, Perlingeiro RCR, Kyba M. 2008. Prospective isolation of skeletal muscle stem cells with a Pax7 reporter. Stem Cells 26:3194-3204.