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Pamela J. Skinner
Pamela J. Skinner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department

University of Minnesota, 1998, Ph.D.

612-624-2644 office
612-624-2644 lab

Research Interests:

T cell responses to HIV

Dr. Skinner’s research program focuses on understanding HIV and prion disease immunopathogenesis and the development of novel treatments for these diseases. She received her PhD in the lab of Dr. Harry Orr. Her PhD thesis provided insights into spinocerebellar ataxia pathogenesis. This work resulted in a number of publications including primary authorship on a paper published in Nature and another in Cell. She did postdoctoral studies in the lab of Dr. Ashley Haase, where she developed an in situ MHC tetramer staining (IST) technique to visualize antigen-specific CTL in tissues (published in J.Immunology), a technology she continues to use in her lab to study lentivirus-specific CTL in tissues. Recently, in collaboration with Dr. Liz Connick, she found that HIV and SIV specific CTL are largely excluded from B cell follicles, where virus is most concentrated, supporting the hypothesis that B cell follicles are somewhat of an immune privileged site, and is presently working to develop cellular immunotherapy to target HIV-specific CTL to B cell follicles to functionally cure HIV. She is also working to develop novel diagnostic assays and treatments for prion diseases.

Research in the Skinner lab focuses on two distinct research programs. The goals of the first research program include gaining insights into human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) pathogenesis, aiding in the development of an effective HIV vaccine, and developing novel therapies to functionally cure HIV. The goals of the second program include gaining insights into prion disease pathogenesis, developing novel assays to diagnose prion diseases prior to the onset of clinical symptoms, and developing an effective treatment for prion diseases.

Selected Recent Publications:

(For a comprehensive list of Dr. Skinner's recent publications and citations, refer to Dr. Skinner’s Google Scholar page : )

  • Potential Approaches for Heterologous Prion Protein Treatment of Prion Diseases, Davis M. Seelig , Patricia A. Goodman , Pamela J. Skinner*. 2016. Prion, 10(1):18-24.
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