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Douglas Yee
Douglas Yee, M.D.


Department of Medicine

University of Chicago, 1981, M.D.

612-626-8487 office
612-625-2838 lab

Research Interests:

Growth regulation of breast cancer

Our laboratory is interested in understanding the contribution of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) action to the breast cancer malignant phenotype. We have shown that IGF-I can stimulate cell growth, enhance survival, and stimulate motility and adhesion. Activation of specific substrates, insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1) and IRS-2 are associated with either cell proliferation or cell motility. A major focus of the laboratory is to elucidate the signals downstream of these two adaptor proteins that account for the observed phenotype. In breast cancer, development of therapeutics designed to target specific growth regulatory molecules has proven to be remarkably successful in the clinic. Since the IGFs regulate several important breast cancer phenotypes, the second focus of the laboratory is to develop anti-IGF strategies that have potential as cancer therapeutics. Our long-term goal is to improve breast cancer treatment by understanding and targeting the key components of the IGF system.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Miller BS and Yee D. The type I IGF receptor (IGF1R) as a therapeutic target in cancer. Cancer Res, in press.
  • Sachdev D, Singh R, Fujita-Yamaguchi Y, Yee D. 2006. Down-regulation of insulin receptor by antibodies against the type I insulin-like growth factor receptor: implications for anti-insulin-like growth factor therapy in breast cancer. Cancer Res 66:2391-2402.
  • Kirstein MN, Brundage RC, Elmquist WF, Remmel RP, Marker PH, Guire DE, Yee D. 2006. Characterization of an in vitro cell culture bioreactor system to evaluate anti-neoplastic drug regimens. Breast Cancer Res Treat 96:217-225.
  • Farooqui M, Geng ZH, Stephenson EJ, Zaveri N, Yee D, Gupta K. 2006. Naloxone acts as an antagonist of estrogen receptor activity in MCF-7 cells. Mol Cancer Ther 5:611-620.
  • Zhang X, Lin M, van Golen KL, Yoshioka K, Itoh K, Yee D. 2005. Multiple signaling pathways are activated during insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) stimulated breast cancer cell migration. Breast Cancer Res Treat 93:159-168.
  • Zhang S, Kamaraju S, Hakuno F, Kabuta T, Takahashi S-I, Sachdev D, Yee D.  2004. Motility response to insulin-like growth factor-I in MCF-7 cells is associated with IRS-2 activation and integrin expression.  Breast Canc Res Treat, 83:161-170.
  • Hoang CD, Zhang X, Scott PD, Guillaume TJ, Maddaus MA, Yee D, Kratzke RA. 2004. Selective activation of insulin receptor substrate-1 and -2 in pleural mesothelioma cells: association with distinct malignant phenotypes. Cancer Res 64:7479-7485.
  • Sachdev D, Hartell JS, Lee AV, Zhang X, Yee D.  2004. A dominant negative type I insulin-like growth factor-1 inhibits metastasis of human cancer cells.  J Biol Chem 279:5017-5024.