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Ahmed, Khalil Cancer Biology  
Armstrong, Sandra Microbiology  
Aliota, Matthew Microbiology  
Arndt, Patrick G. Immunology  
Bailey, Jake V. Microbiology  
Baughn, Anthony D. Microbiology  
Bazzaro, Martina Cancer Biology  
Bierle, Craig Microbiology  
Binstadt, Bryce A. Immunology  
Bitterman, Peter B. Cancer Biology  
Blazar, Bruce R. Immunology Cancer Biology
Blekhman, Ran Microbiology  
Bohjanen, Paul Immunology Microbiology
Bold, Tyler Immunology  
Bond, Daniel R. Microbiology  
Boris-Lawrie, Kathleen Microbiology  
Boulware, David Microbiology  
Bresnahan, Wade, DGS Microbiology  
Burlak, Christopher Cancer Biology  
Cichocki, Frank Immunology  
Costa, Kyle Microbiology  
Davis, Dana Microbiology  
Dehm, Scott M. Cancer Biology  
Dunny, Gary M. Microbiology  
Eckfeldt, Craig E. Cancer Biology  
Farrar, Michael A. Immunology Cancer Biology
Fife, Brian T. Immunology  
Fixen, Kathryn Microbiology  
Freedman, Tanya S. Immunology  
Gralnick, Jeffrey A. Microbiology  
Griffith, Thomas S. Immunology Cancer Biology
Gupta, Kalpna Cancer Biology  
Haase, Ashley T. Microbiology  
Hallstrom, Timothy C. Cancer Biology  
Hamilton, Trinity Microbiology  
Harcombe, William R. Microbiology  
Harris, Reuben S. Cancer Biology Microbiology
Hart, Geoffrey Immunology  
Hart, Sara Hamilton Immunology  
Herschhorn, Alon Microbiology  
Hogquist, Kristin A. Immunology  
Hunter, Ryan C. Microbiology  
Jameson, Stephen C. Immunology  
Jardine, Paul J. Microbiology  
Jenkins, Marc K. Immunology  
Ji, Yinduo Microbiology  
Kelekar, Ameeta Cancer Biology  
Khodursky, Arkady Microbiology  
Khoruts, Alexander Immunology  
Kikyo, Nobuaki Cancer Biology  
Knights, Dan Microbiology  
Kyba, Michael Immunology  
Lange, Carol A. Cancer Biology  
Langlois, Ryan A. Microbiology Immunology
Largaespada, David Cancer Biology Immunology
Li, Fang Microbiology Cancer Biology
Liang, Yuying Microbiology  
Low, Walter C. Cancer Biology  
Ly, Hinh Microbiology  
Mansky, Kim C Cancer Biology  
Mansky, Louis M Microbiology Cancer Biology
Masopust, David Immunology  
McCarthy, James B. Cancer Biology  
McIvor, R. Scott Cancer Biology  
Miller, Jeffrey Immunology  
Modiano, Jaime Cancer Biology Immunology
Mohr, Christian D. Microbiology  
Moriarity, Branden Cancer Biology Immunology
Mueller, Daniel L. Immunology  
Nielsen, Kirsten Microbiology  
Pennell, Christopher A. Cancer Biology Immunology
Peterson, Erik J. Immunology  
Potter, David A. Cancer Biology  
Pravetoni, Marco Immunology  
Revelo, Xavier Immunology  
Rice, Stephen Microbiology
Cancer Biology
Sadowsky, Michael Microbiology  
Sachs, Zohar Cancer Biology  
Schottel, Janet L. Microbiology  
Schwertfeger, Kaylee Cancer Biology  
Shimizu, Yoji Immunology Cancer Biology
Skinner, Pamela J. Microbiology Immunology
Skubitz, Amy P.N. Cancer Biology  
Southern, Peter J. Microbiology  
Staley, Christopher Microbiology  
Starr, Timothy K. Cancer Biology  
Stromnes, Ingunn Immunology Cancer Biology
Subramanian, Subbaya Cancer Biology  
Tischler, Anna D. Microbiology  
Tolar, Jakub Immunology  
Vallera, Daniel Cancer Biology  
Vercellotti, Gregory M. Cancer Biology  
Vezys, Vaiva Immunology  
Wackett, Larry P. Microbiology  
Walcheck, Bruce K. Immunology
Cancer Biology
Yamamoto, Masato Cancer Biology  
Yee, Douglas Cancer Biology  




How to Apply

Faculty members interested in applying for membership in the MICaB Graduate Program should view our Graduate Faculty page.

This lists faculty duties and expectations as well as details regarding the admissions process.