MICaB Student Seminar Evaluation Form



Please evaluate the speaker's performance in each category using an NIH scale of 1-5.

1 = outstanding, 2 = excellent, 3 = good, 4 = satisfactory, 5 = poor.


Background & Rationale


1.   The field's current state of knowledge was presented concisely and was related clearly to the issues to be addressed in this study.


2.   The novelty of the studies to be presented, or how these studies were designed to resolve controversies in the field, was stated clearly.


3.   The major, working hypothesis of this study was stated clearly.


Experimental Approach


4.   The methods slides were clear and easy to follow.


5.   Representative data generated with a specific method were adequately illustrated and described, and included appropriate controls.




6.   The rationale for each experiment was clearly described.


7.   The conclusions were supported by the data presented.




9.   Major findings and significance of this work were clearly presented.


10. A model with testable hypotheses was presented that integrated the major findings of this work with the field's current body of knowledge.




11. The slides' layouts and color schemes made them easy to read.


12. The speaker avoided colloquialisms, was easily heard, and enunciated well.


13. The speaker made adequate, but not excessive, use of the pointer.



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