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MICaB Ph.D. Program

How is my application reviewed?

  • Very thoroughly.

  • The review panel consists of nine faculty members, three from each of the three tracks.

  • Each application is reviewed by three faculty members, one from each of the three tracks.

  • Each reviewer uses the same four criteria when evaluating applications: academics (GRE/GPA), research experience, quality of the three recommendation letters, and the applicant’s personal statement. Each criterion receives equal weighting. That is, we do not favor grades over lab experience.

  • We examine your overall GPA, and the GPA you earned in your last two years. If your overall GPA is on the low side but your GPA in your last two years is high, then we are not as concerned with the overall GPA. We chalk it up to the college adjustment period.

  • The GPAs for our incoming classes average around 3.5. The GREs average in the 70th percentile.




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Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology Ph.D. Graduate Program

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