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MICaB Ph.D. Program

What can you expect after earning your Ph.D. degree in the MICaB Graduate Program?

  • What you do after receiving your Ph.D. degree often serves as a springboard for the rest of your scientific career. Our faculty are extremely well connected with investigators all over the world and will facilitate your transition from a pre-doctoral to a post-doctoral position. Our connections result from serving on grant and editorial review panels, presenting talks nationally and internationally, serving on committees in our professional societies, and collaborating with other scientists.

  • The vast majority of our graduates do postdoctoral training in either academia or industry upon graduating. These positions are in other top tier research institutions such as Stanford, Harvard and the NIH, and in top tier biotechnology companies such as Eli Lilly and Genentech.

  • You can expect to join over 130 MICaB alumni in a growing national and international network.

  • Among our more “differentiated” graduates (i.e. those finished with postdoctoral training), about 35% are in academia, 35% are in biotechnology industries, and the remaining 30% are in a variety of positions including health care, scientific publishing, government agencies and patent law/technology transfer.

  • You can expect the University of Minnesota Alumni Association will never, ever lose track of you and will solicit contributions from you for the rest of your life.




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